It’s easy to think that a heavy keychain is merely an annoyance to you when you’re struggling to find the key to unlock your front door. However, if your car key is on a heavy keychain as well, this can actually cause undue stress to your vehicle ignition barrel. Take the steps to lighten up your keychain before you find yourself stuck on the side of the road needing your local professional locksmith in Reservoir to unlock your ignition barrel.

How can a heavy keychain cause damage to your ignition?

With every speed bump, turn, and abrupt stop, your keys are jingling around in the vehicle ignition. If there are enough keys on there, this can actually cause damage to the ignition barrel over time. Inside the ignition, there are a series of tumblers that will wear out and eventually stop engaging to turn the ignition on. This could deem your entire car unusable until you get the barrel fixed.

Are there any clues before my ignition locks up?

You may notice that your key has begun sticking in the ignition, making it difficult to turn or remove once inside the ignition. It’s also an indication that you may experience ignition locking problems in the future if you have 10 or more keys on your keychain. The general rule of thumb is around 5 keys and you’re in the clear. Any more than that and you may be causing damage to your ignition with every drive you take in the car.

If you do find yourself unable to turn or remove your key from the ignition, call your professional locksmith in Reservoir. We are always on call to ensure that you can get to your end destination as quickly and safely as possible. We can either repair or replace the ignition to your vehicle so that you can be on your way without a visit to the dealership.

When should you call your professional locksmith in Reservoir?

It’s easy enough for you to lighten your keychain up yourself. With our phone always on us, we likely don’t need a flashlight on our keychain anymore. How often are you outside of your house and need to open up a bottle? Or perhaps your decorative keychain is quite elaborate and it’s weighing down your keys more than anything. These are easy steps to take on your own. 

To prevent a heavy keychain in the future, it’s also worth looking into a single key locking system. This means that one single key will gain access to all access points to your house. This is especially convenient for older houses that had modern locks installed in stages throughout the years. If you find yourself with a separate key for the front door, side door, garage and back door, a single key system may be a great option to explore with your professional locksmith in Reservoir. This will also help simplify your life by eliminating frustration with finding the right key at the right time.

Should you find that your ignition is currently locked up or you would like to enquire about our single key systems, we are always happy to help. You can call us on 0403 288 777 or you can leave us an enquiry HERE.