BiLock Exclusive

BiLock Exclusive – The most recognised high-security Master Key System is better than ever.

BiLock Exclusive has been the top choice for high security for over 30 years. It has been used in some of the most secure places in the world, including:

  • The Olympic Games
  • Casinos
  • Banks in America
  • Industrial and Civil Sites
  • Military and Security Establishments

How does it work?

The dual key combination system allows it to have up to 16,800,000 combinations. These are then protected by 14thand 15thelements, which introduce 2 new codes.

BiLock Exclusive also allows you to create over 8000 colour combinations for the key head colour. You can use 22 of these colours to enable easy identification and allocation of keys, particularly when some have restricted access. The colours determine which key has access where. 

How Secure is BiLock?

The additional add-on of a high tensile steel anti-drill barrier provides extra protection against drilling and other forms of penetration of BiLock Exclusive. This means that it is compliant to AS4145.2

BiLock Exclusive also comes with a 20-year patent life, meaning that you can be fairly sure that there will be no replications of your combinations within that time.

Installation of BiLock Exclusive

At Reservoir Locksmiths, our team of highly trained professionals can either install or retrofit your new BiLock Exclusive security system. BiLock Exclusive also converts any lock, meaning the need for keys is reduced, and you have excellent access control.

If you’re in Reservoir or the surrounding area, call our onsite locksmith team to install BiLock Exclusive in your home or business.

For more information, please leave us an enquiry HERE or view their products HERE.