Garages are a common residential break-in target because they are usually further away from bedrooms. At times, garage security can be overlooked because the doors are less used than those that give direct entrance to the house. But this space can hold a lot of your belongings as well as provide another entryway to the rest of your house. For this reason, it’s essential to protect your garage as much as the rest of your home. See below for some of the top ways that your Reservoir locksmith can assist you in keeping your home and belongings locked.

Keep your valuables hidden

Just like with your car, home or business, if outsiders can see that you have high-value items inside, they will be more tempted to break in than if they didn’t know what was inside. Garages, for example, are much more at risk if windows show an extensive and high-cost tool bench rather than just unlabelled boxes of items. However, you don’t need to box up your items to deter thieves. Install some blinds, coverings, or even some window glaze so that outsiders are none the wiser about what you are storing inside.

Install a deadbolt on your exterior door

Most garages have the main door in addition to a side door that connects to the outside or the house. This secondary door can oftentimes be overlooked and either be left completely unlocked or have an old lock. If your lock hasn’t been changed and is still operating the same rusty, wobbly original lock – it’s time to update it.  Over time, locks can weather as the door slams, rust settles, and it’s used time and time again. Installing a new deadbolt will help ensure that your garage and belongings are left untouched.

Ask your Reservoir locksmith to install a security system that suits your needs

There are a variety of security systems that may be best for you. A popular option is motion-activated lights. This will put a spotlight on anyone who is attempting to break in, making them less likely to move forward with intruding. With their actions lit up for passerby, neighbours, and cameras, it’s a big deterrent for burglars. Another option is to include your garage in the existing security system you have on your house. This means that every time a door is opened, you will be alerted. If you have a more comprehensive security system, it will even call the authorities if someone enters your garage while the alarm system is enabled. This option is especially helpful for detached garages where the chances of you hearing someone is relatively small. 

At Reservoir Locksmiths, we understand that your garage is an extension of your home. Whether you DIY the window coverings or call in a locksmith for your comprehensive security system, there is a cost-effective solution for everyone. Should you have any questions about how we can help you improve your garage security, give us a call on 0403 288 777 or leave us an enquiry HERE.