There are many reasons you may find yourself moving house. Whether it’s due to a change in your financial or relationship circumstances or you need to move somewhere with a home office, there’s always a lot to think about when moving. Once you’ve hired the removalists and have the keys secured, it’s time to start making it your new home. One of the most important aspects of making it your home is to ensure it’s secured. Read on for why we highly recommend calling your professional locksmith in Reservoir to rekey your locks after moving house.

Why should you rekey your locks?

When moving house, there are usually keys changing through several hands. Whether it’s from the previous tenants and their close friends, tradespeople renovating the house, or neighbours – you never know who has access to your home. This applies when you’ve bought a new home, renting one from a landlord or even if you’re moving into a brand new building. So instead of worrying about who the previous tenants were and who has access to your home, take control of the situation instead. Your professional locksmith in Reservoir will be able to talk you through your options when rekeying your locks.  If you’re renting your home, it’s important to have a conversation with your landlord before you move forward with calling your locksmith. The landlord will also need to have copies of the keys as well in the event of any emergency.

Other benefits of rekeying your locks 

An added benefit of rekeying your locks is that you can install a single key system. So instead of being handed a ring of keys for your front door, garage, back door, side gate and windows, you can have one key to open up everything. This means a lighter bag, less stress of remembering keys, and more convenience for you. It also may assist you for insurance purposes as well. If someone with a key has been able to enter your home and steal your belongings, it may cause issues with insurance if there’s no sign of forced entry.

My landlord won’t let me change the locks – what other options do I have?

Some landlords don’t want to coordinate tradespeople in their properties unless absolutely necessary. While keeping their properties safe should be in their best interest, there are other options available as well. Other options include installing an alarm system on your home so you are alerted every time someone opens a door or window to your home. If there are specific high-value belongings you are concerned about, there are also several safe options available as well. These items will ensure your most precious belongings remain untouched in the event of any potential break-in.


If you’ve recently moved house and want to look into your options for lock rekeying or improving your home security, your professional locksmith in Reservoir will be able to assist. We can provide our best recommendation as well as an overall security audit so you can rest easy knowing your new home is secure. To contact us, you can ring us on 0403 288 777 or leave us a message HERE.