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Reservoir Locksmiths are proud to provide high-quality mobile locksmith services to Reservoir and its surrounding suburbs. Our professional locksmith Melbourne team will always attend to your needs with our onsite locksmith services as quickly as possible so that you don’t need to spend all day waiting to get the job done. Furthermore, we have a team member available 24/7, so that no matter when or where the problem occurs, you have the peace of mind knowing that one of our team will be there to help.

No matter your problem, be it locking your key inside, installing new locks, or improving your security system, we will strive to find the best solution for you. For the last decade, our team has committed to a standard of excellence to ensure complete customer satisfaction. We have never had an issue we can’t solve, and we will always complete the task in an efficient and professional manner.

At Reservoir Locksmiths, we understand that home security can be a large burden on anyone’s income. For that reason, we aim to keep our prices as competitive as possible to ensure ease of accessibility for everyone.

Every locksmith at Reservoir locksmiths has been trained to utilise professional technology and equipment to ensure any locksmith services are performed efficiently and to an excellent standard. We’re so confident in our team and their abilities that we provide a 30-day guarantee for all their work.

For all office, home, or vehicle locks, keys, or security systems, please call Reservoir Locksmith Melbourne on 0403 288 777.

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At Reservoir locksmith Melbourne, we aim to provide residents and businesses in Reservoir and nearby suburbs with professional locksmith services which are efficient, budget-friendly, and fast.

We have been providing Reservoir and nearby suburbs with a premium In-store and Mobile locksmith service with very competitive rates for over a decade. We offer services including Commercial locksmith services, Residential locksmith services, Automotive locksmith services such as cutting and programming new car keys, and Emergency locksmith services.

At any time of the day, our Reservoir Locksmiths expert team is ready to assist you. Our services are just a call away.

In search of a Professional Locksmith in Melbourne? Look no further

Reservoir Locksmiths are Melbourne-based Locksmiths. We offer service in most areas of Melbourne which includes East Melbourne, South Melbourne, North Melbourne & Melbourne CBD .We Reservoir Locksmiths are a team full of Qualified and Trained Professionals, there can’t be better Locksmiths than Reservoir Locksmiths, whether you are looking for Commercial, Residential, or Automotive Locksmiths. 

We are very cost-effective when compared to other Locksmiths in Melbourne and we give a 30-day guarantee for our work, so you can stay assured. Our service is just a call away, call us, and our Mobile Locksmiths team in Melbourne will reach you in no time for reliable, affordable, and fast service. Call us at 0403 288 777

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Have you thought of securing your office, especially when business & commercial offices are operating from home?

In 2024 the world is still under a pandemic situation even in Melbourne all the organizations and businesses are operating with work from home, in this situation every business owner is concerned about work place safety and security.

In these tough times our expert team has a solution to safeguard your business location.

Reservoir, 3073

Situated in the City of Darebin local government area, Reservoir is a diverse and one of the largest suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, situated 11. km (6.8 mi) north of the city’s central business district.

Like to secure your rental property? But how to find the affordable & Cheap locksmith in Melbourne?

When you are living in a rental property, security of the property is always a concern, you tend to search for a secure and cheap solution.

We are not just the cheap & affordable but we are mobile and offer service 24 hr round the clock.

We provide you an affordable solution for securing your rental property. We are one of the Cheap locksmiths in Melbourne. Call us now.

Locked out of your vehicle? Looking for an Automotive Locksmith in Melbourne?

Four-wheelers make our life very much easier, and they have become a part of our life.

Your vehicle is important to you and we understand that, when you are searching for an Emergency Automotive Locksmith our team is always ready for your service 24×7.We offer services that include
Key copying
Fixing ignition locks
Replacing keys
Remove broken keys from locks and ignitions
Emergency Vehicle Unlocking

Are you in search of an Efficient Locksmith in Melbourne?

The only time, when a person searches for a Locksmith Melbourne is when they get locked out of their car, office, factory or home. Not all the Locksmiths who are out there are Professional and efficient, however there are a few Locksmiths who are qualified and equipped enough to provide services like installation of Digital locks, Vehicle locks, Door locks, Window locks, Advanced security systems, & more.

The security systems are getting upgraded with time, so locksmiths should also get the knowledge to upgrade their skills like Advanced Remote Control Locking System, Advanced security systems, etc., there are few Locksmiths who are Emergency Locksmiths and some are available round the clock but only a few of them have the knowledge of Advanced Security Systems. It is very important to know all the details about Locksmiths in Melbourne before giving them a chance to help you out.

Skills of an Expert Locksmith

When looking for a Professional Locksmith Melbourne one should see not only an experienced but also a licensed Locksmith

Some important Characters and skills of a Professional Locksmith:

Industry experience



Advanced skills

Problem-solving skill

Attention to detail &

Good customer service/ relation

Try these techniques? before calling Locksmith in Melbourne

Look for any rust or sticky particles on the key, this could sometimes cause problems while unlocking the doors.

Try moving the key gently for some time as this technique does wonders sometimes.

If the regular key is not working, try unlocking the door with the spare keys.

A lock is a combination of many movable parts, so try to lubricate so the parts, sometimes this technique helps people to unlock

If you have a heavy door, try unlocking the door by gently lifting the door.

If nothing seems to be working, then its time to call us @ 0403 288 777

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