Reservoir Locksmiths are authorised BiLock agents, meaning that we are able to design, manufacture, distribute, install, and conduct maintenance for BiLock Key Systems.

BiLock Exclusive Lock Systems are:

  • Durable: Tough lock and key
  • Flexible: You can create up to 17,000,000 combinations
  • Simple: They require less maintenance and are easy to use
  • Compatible: BiLock Exclusive and BiLock Quick Change Core fit almost everything
  • Tamper Resistant: The lock has an extremely high pick resistance
  • Cost Effective: Competitive prices for installation and upkeep

Since their invention 30 years ago, BiLock Exclusive Master Key Systems are used in some of the highest security locations including high-end hotels, hospitals, and casinos. Furthermore, BiLock is an Australian company, so their quality and ethics are all 100% approved, and they produce some of the most sought-after locks in the world.

BiLock continues to grow and develop their technology, and their latest innovation, BiLock Exclusive is to the highest standards of lock security worldwide. With this system, we can create a master key system which is able to make changes to the combination and cut/add keys to ensure your security system is as safe as possible.

BiLock Exclusive offers an extremely high level of security, making it the leading choice for many businesses. One key factor driving its high-security level is a dual-bladed key which operates a 12-pin programme of tumbler puns, meaning it is near impossible to pick. The 2 sidebars then allow over 17,000,000 lock combination possibilities.

Furthermore, BiLock Exclusive offers an integrated 13thlocking dimension meaning that within the cylinder of the lock, there is a built-in security rod. This rod must rotate to activate the 13thdimension of the locking system.

BiLock Exclusive is ideal for any office buildings where business owners only want to give select employees access to certain areas. The Master Key Locking System gives business owners the ability to select a key colour pattern to organise the key hierarchy. From the colour selection, they can produce over 8,500 combinations to easily identify the access that someone will have from their key.

Finally, BiLock Exclusive can use a specialised key to replace the lock core, known as the BiLock Quick Change Core (QCC). Investing in QCC means that rekeying a lock becomes redundant. You can instead easily take the original core out and replace it provided you use the correct key.