What exactly is a deadlock?

A deadlock is a type of lock that requires a key to unlock it from both sides of the door. The bolt will physically not operate if the locking mechanism has not been turned with a key. These locks are known to be much more secure than others because you must have access to the key to operate it, even from the inside. We’ve outlined some pros and cons to a deadlock and why you should ask your professional locksmith in Reservoir about installing them.

Benefits of asking your professional locksmith in Reservoir about deadlocks for your home

Due to how secure these locks are, insurance companies will either require them or give you a discount if you install them in your home. Insurance companies know that these locks are significantly more difficult to pick the lock than a spring-loaded lock. An experienced burglar would be able to identify a deadlock and perhaps choose a different house. And a rookie burglar simply wouldn’t be able to open the lock. These are desirable qualities for both insurers and homeowners. Additionally, if an intruder was to find their way into your home, they would need to locate the key before exiting with all of your precious belongings. By delaying how quickly a burglar can exit your home, you are giving the police more time to arrive at your home with the culprit still there. This will only further protect your home and valuables.


There’s more than just insurance savings and added safety to your home. With deadbolts installed on your home, you will seldom find yourself in a lockout situation. This is because most deadlocks require the key to disengage the lock and then relock it again. So to open the door, you will need to have the key in hand – never lock your keys inside the house again!

Are there any drawbacks to deadlocks?

When researching your security options, one important thing to take into consideration is what you will do in case of an emergency. In case of a fire or any other emergency, you will need to have your key in order to exit the house. For this reason, it’s common practice to always keep a spare key inside the house, usually in a hidden spot, so you will be able to safely exit if you need to do so quickly.

And while you will never find yourself in a lockout situation, it’s also important to note that these doors do not automatically self-lock. Though self-locking doors are less common in residences, it’s something to be aware of if you’re thinking of making the switch over to deadlocks. 

Your professional locksmith in Reservoir will be able to discuss your deadlock options to see if it’s the right option for you and your home. Deadlocks are a great, simple option to protect your home in a very cost-efficient way. If you have any questions or would like to schedule in time with your local locksmith, give us a call on 0403 288 777 or leave us a message HERE.