We’ve all had that moment where we realise that we’ve lost our keys and the immediate panic sets in. Whether you left them in your car, dropped them somewhere, or just simply misplaced them, it always causes so much immediate stress. However, that doesn’t need to be the case and is why we’ve introduced our onsite vehicle unlocking team.

Our team of mobile locksmiths at Reservoir Locksmiths has had years of experience with unlocking cars for when you’ve lost your keys.  Whether you’ve left your key in the car, you’ve got a spare, or you’re empty-handed, our mobile locksmiths will always ensure you’re able to drive away, even if you need us to create a key for your lock.

If you’re in Reservoir or the surrounding suburbs, and you’re locked out of your car, give Reservoir Locksmith’s a call on 0403 288 777.  You may also drop us an enquiry HERE.