When reviewing your need for a professional locksmith in Reservoir, you’re likely thinking of the age and security of your door locks as the main entry points to your home. However, it’s also important to consider your windows as access points to your home. Not only are windows usually big enough for a person to enter, but they’re also commonly overlooked and are left unlocked. 

Why are window locks so important?

Installing safe and effective locks are one of the best ways to bolster your home against intruders. Another consideration is that they are usually quite simple and oftentimes don’t require a key. The lack of key means you won’t have anything additional to keep track of and it’s one less method a burglar can attempt to break-in. 

Furthermore, installing window locks will also slow down an intruder. If the only option to getting through a window is to smash the window, an outsider may opt-out to a different house. As a worst-case scenario, the sound of a window smashing is a lot louder than opening an unlocked window. Either yourself or your neighbours will be alerted of an unwanted intruder and can contact the authorities.

What else can I do to prevent someone entering my home through a window?

If you’re unsure about installing or replacing your window locks, there are other options to consider. Options include installing window sensors that make a sound every time a window is opened. This is useful if you are not expecting anyone to enter the house during the night. Another option is to install motion-activated lights near all the access points to your home. These lights can startle anyone near your home as well as deter them from doing anything illegal. Their actions will be easily seen by any passerby or even any cameras in the area.

Lastly, if you’re looking for a low-cost option you can install thorny shrubbery that makes it difficult for burglars to get beyond without injuring themselves.

Can my Locksmith in Reservoir tell me which lock is best for me?

There are many different variables to take into consideration when choosing which window locks to install on your windows. The main consideration is the type of window you have. Is it a ground-level window and do you commonly open the window? Does it slide open or hinge up? Do you already have another form of security system in place, including a camera system, floodlights, or barred windows? These are all factors that will be taken into consideration to ensure you make the most cost-effective and safest decision for your home. Your professional locksmith will be able to assist you and guide you to the most fitting option for you. 

Window locks can be the key to keeping your home security at it’s safest. If you would like to discuss your window locks or quote the process to change them, don’t hesitate to give our professional locksmiths in Reservoir a call. You can reach us at 0403 288 777 or leave us a message HERE