When you’re renting, you may feel as though you are limited to any changes you can make to the property. In terms of security, this may well be the case, depending on the landlord. However, you still have quite a few options open to you. Here are our top 5 tips for renters to improve their home security.

1. Don’t show your belongings

Never let a thief see any expensive or valuable belongings inside your home, as this is only tempting them to enter. You can achieve this either through ensuring all valuables are put away out of sight or by simply closing the blinds or curtains.

2. Upgrade your locks

Asking your landlord to upgrade your locks on doors and windows is often a great way of improving home security. Most of the time, landlords will be quite concerned with security because ultimately, it’s their house too. This could reduce repair or insurance costs in the future.

3. Install a Peephole

Installing a peephole is an easy security measure that is relatively cheap for your landlord to provide. If they are unsure, keep asking. It’s a simple way to improve security in the interests of you and your landlord.

4. Make friends with your neighbours

So often, having friendly neighbours who will alert you if they see something suspicious is an excellent way to improve security. Not to mention, this can be a two-way service, where neighbours can look out for each other. Thieves often remain in similar areas or suburbs, so it’s best for everyone to keep an eye out.

5.Keep everything locked

We know it can be tedious, but make sure that every door and window is locked, particularly before you leave the house or go to bed. Thieves can be very quick to get in and take what they want, even when people are home so be sure to always keep all entrances locked.

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