When it comes to home security, the unexpected can be frustrating, time-consuming, and potentially expensive. Whether it’s breaking the key inside the lock, locking your keys inside your home or business, or rekeying your locks, no one wants to be too out of pocket to fix the issue. Generally, households and businesses don’t budget for locksmith services, however, when they’re needed, it’s usually critical to resolving the problem efficiently. Therefore, finding a reliable and affordable locksmith is vital. However, you’ll need to know what to look for to ensure the low prices aren’t too good to be true.

Locksmith Scams

When looking for an affordable locksmith, scams can appear to look quite legitimate. In Australia, many companies claiming to be professional locksmiths will quote exceptionally low prices for their services, which are more often than not, too good to be true. However, you can look for these signs to check whether they are a scam or not.

  1. Firstly, if this ‘affordable locksmith’ lacks reputable, positive Google Reviews, then that is immediately a red flag
  2. Secondly, if they are not members of the Master Locksmiths Association, then that could mean they are a potential scam
  3. Lastly, if the phone connects to an overseas number this could be reason for concern.

If a company shows one or more of these signs, then it would be best to extend your search a little wider.

Finding a reliable and affordable Locksmith

The best ways to determine if you’ve found a reliable and affordable Locksmith is to check that they are members of the Masters Locksmiths Association.  Request for them to send you a fixed quote for their services, and find Google Reviews that align with the claims on their website.

At Reservoir Locksmiths, we are proud members of the Master Locksmiths Association, and we want to ensure that everyone has access to quality services which don’t break the bank.

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