Whether it’s in our home or businesses, many of us use filing cabinets to store important documents or keepsakes. Unfortunately, most filing cabinet locks use a key, and keys can often be misplaced or lost just when we need them most. Thankfully however, filing cabinet lock replacement is a fairly simple and straightforward process, with or without the key, but is still best left to a professional.

There are a couple of types of classic locks you can choose from when undertaking a filing cabinet lock replacement.

Cylinder Lock

Cylinder locks are very popular, fairly cheap, easy to replace and secure. They require a lock and key, which, as previously mentioned, works well until you lose the key. So, make sure that if you opt for a cylinder lock, you have a secure place for your key that you’ll remember too!

Lock Bar

A lock bar essentially allows for some people to have access to a few drawers of the filing cabinet and others to have full access to every drawer of the filing cabinet depending on the key they have. This is used quite often in businesses where confidential documents need to be accessed by some and not others.

There are also some keyless options for those who want their filing cabinet lock replacement to be a little more 21stcentury.

Key Card Locks

While they may not sound like there is much difference in having a key lock and a key card lock in the office filing cabinet (as you still need to remember your key card), the one bonus is that the digital system can track who has been using the filing cabinet. This provides an added layer of security for your important documents, and lets you know who has been using the cabinet should something go missing.

Keypad Locks

This one doesn’t need anything physical to open the lock, be it key or key card. Most of us are familiar with key pads, so all you need to do is type in the lock combination, and you’ll have access to the cabinet.

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