Unfortunately, when most people think about getting a commercial grade padlock to secure their possessions, they generally conclude that any padlock will do the job. However, this is completely wrong.  Many times, the big and tough looking padlock you can purchase at a store is actually not the most practical or durable. At Reservoir Locksmiths, we can honestly recommend an Abus commercial grade padlock to get the job done!

So what Commercial Grade Padlocks do Reservoir Locksmiths recommend?

When looking for a commercial grade padlock that is of high quality and meets your needs, you should definitely check out the Abus range. Their wide variety of options ensures that you can find a lock that suits you. The Abus range has locks to secure anything from a small lockbox to a large garage or storage unit.

Prices also vary for the Abus commercial grade padlocks, based on what you require. Generally, prices start around $50 for their high quality and secure padlocks. However, if you are looking to secure possessions of a higher value, locks with a greater resistance can cost up to $250.

What do most people use their Abus Commercial Grade Padlocks for?

There is such a wide variety of locks that Abus offers, and therefore, they can have a large number of applications, including:

  • Securing valuable items, including vehicles.
  • Keeping shipping containers or storage units secured
  • Securing storefronts or sheds
  • Keeping your back gate locked

Did you know…

If you have an Abus padlock or decide to purchase one, the team at Reservoir Locksmiths can have it keyed alike so that the lock matches your Master Key or front door key, saving you from having to carry around too many keys, ultimately saving you space and confusion when working out which key accesses which lock.

If you would like more information about the range of Abus commercial padlocks, contact our team of Master Locksmiths at Reservoir Locksmiths today. You can contact us on 0403 288 777 or leave an enquiry HERE. You can also head to our showroom in Thomastown and one of our Master Locksmiths can talk you through the best security options to suit your needs.