Whenever something untoward happens at your home or business, be it a break-in, medical emergency, or fire, the crucial ingredient to the best outcome is speed. Speed can sometimes mean the difference between life and death, particularly when more vulnerable members of our community are involved such as the elderly, or those with a disability. Monitored alarm systems with a panic button can be one of the best methods for anyone to call for help efficiently and easily to get the best possible outcome.

How do monitored alarm systems work?

Essentially, when a monitored alarm system is triggered, a control room is able to monitor the situation remotely and will contact you to notify you that the alarm has been activated and what the situation is looking like so you may alert the police, ambulance, or fire brigade.

You may also be wondering what the panic button we mentioned earlier is. The panic button is an added level of security that is connected to the alarm trigger and can be pressed to send an immediate message to the control room, who will then contact the relevant authorities as well as yourself to get help on the way as soon as possible. This is great for those with disabilities or elderly residents who may be unable to move quickly in situations where speed is vital.

As an added bonus monitored alarm system installation will generally bring down the cost of your home and contents insurance premiums, as the likelihood of a break-in and stolen valuables is decreased.

As with most security systems, there are a wide variety of available options for monitored alarm systems and panic buttons. The best thing to do to ensure you get the right system to suit your needs is to contact us at Reservoir Locksmiths today on 0403 228 777. Our team of Master Locksmiths can help you make the most informed decision to keep you, your family, and your valuables safe and secure. You may also leave us an enquiry HERE.