Home security comes in many shapes and forms, be it camera systems, locks, alarms, and more. However, one of the least common options that people often don’t think about is a security door. Security doors are another great way of helping to keep intruders out of your home and/or business.

In Australia, “fly screens” or screen doors are very common, but a common misconception is that they add to security. Unfortunately, they can be broken into very easily. Therefore, installing a security door can certainly increase the overall security of your home, as well as providing some protection against winds, fires, and rain.

What makes security screens and doors secure?

For most security doors, they open in the opposite direction to normal doors (outwards, as opposed to inwards). Therefore, you can see how this could make it much harder for an intruder trying to kick down a door that opens outwards. It takes far more time, energy, and tools, giving residents or neighbours the opportunity to call the police.

What makes a good security door?

 In most cases, security doors are either aluminium (which are generally not as secure) or metal (which are more secure). Often the infills are made from a variety of materials including decorative motifs, steel bars, or grilles which offer excellent protection against intruders. Other high-quality options include structural grade aluminium perforated sheets and stainless-steel mesh. The last piece of the puzzle for the security door is the lock itself.  A good security door always requires a high-quality lock, otherwise, it can be fairly easily opened, so ensuring you have a high-quality lock installed is crucial.

Need more information?

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