Being locked out of your bedroom can be hugely distressing and a big inconvenience, particularly if it is late at night. We had a call out not long ago of a mother who was in tears as we arrived. She had accidentally locked her baby’s bedroom from the inside, and when the baby woke crying during the night time, she could not get into the room as the door latch had given way.

The mother was clearly shaken and upset by the situation, however she called Reservoir Locksmiths to fix the problem. Luckily, one of our onsite locksmiths was able to arrive promptly to open the latch. The mother was quick to comfort her baby and the problem was resolved.

What Happened Next?

 After our onsite locksmith team realised that the door had a faulty latch, they replaced it with a new handle. After doing so, they checked all the other doors in the house to ensure this situation would not occur again anytime soon. Luckily, our team found 2 more handles with the same problem and replaced those too.

Prior to leaving, the mother told us that she had found that the handle would sometimes ‘stick’ in the past. This is an excellent lesson for all that this would have been the best time to call a locksmith to prevent a situation like that from happening in the first place. Our mobile locksmith team at Reservoir Locksmiths would have been able to fix the issue before it worsened.  Furthermore, if the mother had of acted on her gut instinct earlier, she could have avoided after-hours service charges.

Upon completing the job, the young mother was extremely grateful for our service.  She was once again reunited with her baby which was the main thing.  Furthermore, she had the ease of mind knowing that the issue had been properly resolved.

So, if you think you may have any door handles that need attending to, click HERE to leave us an enquiry. You may also give us a call on 0403 228 777.  Fixing latches on door handles before they cause any issues isn’t a big job … especially when you compare it to calling out a locksmith during the night because your latches gave way.  Remember, a quick solution before the problem occurs is always the best approach.